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Overcoming with Christ
by F. Burleigh Willard
Overcoming with Christ by Celia Milslagle by F. Burleigh Willard ~  x
Inspirational Bible Study
      Recommended for group bible studies*

What People Are Saying about Overcoming with Christ

As I read Overcoming with Christ, all in one sitting, I seemed to hear a great choir in the background. Like the King of England listening to Handel’s Messiah, I want to stand!

While other scholars have approached the last book of the Bible with slide-rule and calculator, hoping to decipher a “playbook” for the “End Days,” Willard inductively uncovers a “Divine Oratorio” that not only enabled early Christians to sing victoriously while being thrown to the lions in the Roman Coliseum, but also assures overcoming victory to the followers of Jesus who face the evil forces of Satan in our lives today.
-Robert F. Andrews
Bishop Emeritus, Free Methodist Church of North America

Overcoming with Christ is not designed to create a calendar of final events. Dr. Willard’s spiritually perceptive mind enabled him to see that Jesus Christ’s primary purpose was for the members of His Church to become “Overcomers” in the great “Conflict of the Ages” between Christ and Satan for the loyalty of mankind.

Just as the Book of Revelation gave encouragement and hope to become “overcomers” in the perilous years of Century One, so also it will help us to overcome in the equally challenging years of Century Twenty One!

-Rev. Kenneth Jones
Former Pastor/Member—Evangelical Friends Church—Southwest
Associate Member—Glencroft Community Church

As I read Overcoming with Christ, God’s message to the church from the book of Revelation, I could really sense a desire in Burleigh Willard that no one should ever settle for less than God’s best; that we truly are overcomers and can be and have all that God says we can. Years of Bible study and a love for God’s word are certainly evident in this writing by F. Burleigh Willard.

-Elder Wayne Leesman
Neighbors to Nations Community Church

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